Excuse me: a sound art miniature


Excuse me – for over-ear headphones. A quick sound art miniature. Put on some over-ear headphones, press play.

I’m here to listen 2


Enter full screen. Press play. Feel free to have a conversation.

This is the second version of ‘I’m here to listen’, a piece about listening in a conversational context, as mediated by networks. It aims to show how intertwined the roles of listener-to and producer-of sound are, by presenting a partner in conversation whose perceived fulfillment of the parts of this dual role erodes over time, as well as the uncertainty that technological mediation brings to these roles. In a conversation via Skype or even by telephone, how can I know who is listening? Who is being listened to? And when?

Memory Walk


This is Memory Walk, a video/audio piece I’m working on as part of my PhD project Listening Music, presented at the Australasian Computer Music Conference earlier this year. It’s one of a set of sound art works that aim to encourage the listener to listen self-critically. Memory Walk aims to foreground the relationship between perception, memory, and imagination of the future.

I posted this a while back on Vimeo but there’s been playback problems from there for some reason. So here it is on YouTube.