Current Projects, Dance, Theatre

Much like my research this is another project that has been on the simmer for the better part of the year but has taken a while to be documented on here.

It’s a theatre/dance work made by theatre maker Samara Hersch and choreographer Gabby Rose, in collaboration with members of the Access Inc. performing arts group, and associate artists Caley O’Neill, Josh Ryan, Kyle Baxter and myself.

The themes of the work have been inspired by a couple of short stories by Peter Carey and other, mostly visual materials (Samara and Gabby do a much better job of explaining it than I, I’ll keep description to a minimum). The content has been developed by the makers and performers during much of 2010. Broadly speaking it’s about love, insecurity, and disappearing.

Access Inc. is an organisation which works to enrich the lives of Jewish people with disabilities; the members of Access working on Permanence have been inspiring to work with.

Permanence will be presented at Dancehouse in the week beginning October 4, 2010.

More details about the show will be provided closer to the season.


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