Winter’s Other Name


This is a piece I made for Birrarung Marr’s Federation Bells installation. It makes use of the dynamic range made available by the recent refurbishment of the bells. This is an early demo version using samples of the bells. It has been played several times on the bells however circumstances haven’t permitted a higher quality recording (my schedule hasn’t allowed me to get out to the installation with a recorder when it’s been playing).
When making the piece I was trying to capture and compose out from my favourite bell-related sound: when a carillon collapses into dense cascades of notes.

The Morrisons play on Fang It! (PBS 106.5FM)


Go here  to listen to PBS’s archive of the Morrison’s performance on Fang It! on Thursday May 10.

We begin playing at about 31 or 32 minutes in.

I don’t know how long PBS are going to keep this available, I guess it depends on the size of their server. In the meantime enjoy!

By the way if you’ve ever wondered what I sound like playing guitar with the flu…that’s what I sound like.

Recording of Sticks & Stones, Bricks & Bones

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Sticks & Stones, Bricks & Bones

Recording of my mid-year Honours recital New Sounds Above Ground, featuring: Sarah Coghlan – Violin Aviva Endean – Clarinet Rebecca Lane – Flute Luke Paulding – Piano Jess Voigt – Soprano Saxophone and myself on Electric Guitar and live electronics performing my new piece Sticks & Stones, Bricks & Bones. Apologies for the low bitrate, my server didn’t like how big the file was at higher res. newsounds flyer