Recording of Sticks & Stones, Bricks & Bones

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Sticks & Stones, Bricks & Bones

Recording of my mid-year Honours recital New Sounds Above Ground, featuring: Sarah Coghlan – Violin Aviva Endean – Clarinet Rebecca Lane – Flute Luke Paulding – Piano Jess Voigt – Soprano Saxophone and myself on Electric Guitar and live electronics performing my new piece Sticks & Stones, Bricks & Bones. Apologies for the low bitrate, my server didn’t like how big the file was at higher res. newsounds flyer

Recording of Dreaming of Trees

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Recording of Dreaming of Trees from Forest Collective’s “Bois” event.

Performed by:

Jessica-Michelle Fotinos – Harp

Evan Lawson – Alto Recorder

Justina Lui – Violin

Vilan Mai – Clarinet

Trevor Maitland – Tenor Voice

Jennifer Mills – ‘Cello

Holly Sharpe – Soprano Voice

and Exaudi Youth Choir

New Sounds Above Ground


On Monday 21st of June I will be presenting my mid-year recital at the VCAM School of Music, St Kilda Road Southbank

8.30 pm, admission is free

I’ll be presenting three new works with the assistance of :

Bec Lane – Flute
Katia Lenzi – Oboe
Sarah Coghlan – Violin
Luke Paulding – Piano
and of course myself playing electric guitar

Dreaming of Trees… Forest Collective/Exaudi Youth Choir concert: ‘Bois’


Last night was the premiere of my new piece Dreaming of Trees, for chamber ensemble [alto recorder, clarinet, harp, violin, ‘cello, soprano voice, tenor voice] and (for pragmatism’s sake) optional choir. Composed for Forest Collective/Exaudi Youth Choir’s ‘Bois’ concert and launching from the given theme…trees.

My chosen tree, the Moreton Bay Fig. The musical and text materials that went into the piece were mostly drawn from bits of information I gathered about the Moreton Bay Fig, pitch material extrapolated from the structure of cellulose and metacellulose (the major building blocks of wood), formal scheme derived from information about the growth cycle of the plant, semi-poetic text taken from the blog of a person claiming to have received a spiritual ‘tranmission’ from a Moreton Bay Fig tree.

Last night’s concert was also my public debut as a conductor, quite an experience.

Many thanks are due to all the musicians involved for their effort, and to the audience for their welcoming response.

I’ll post a recording as it becomes available.

Australia’s Muslim Cameleers

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I made some music and the sound design for this exhibition about Australia’s first Muslim community, the Cameleers, and their role in the exploration and settlement of Australia’s interior.

The exhibition is being held at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum on Flinders Street Melbourne, until September 19 2010.

Although I’ve done sound installation as part of other projects and made things that skirt around the edges between music and ambient sound this is the first time I’ve considered myself to be working primarily as a sound designer. It’s a whole new way of thinking about sounds, well for me at least.

The main thing that concerned me working on this project was authenticity, especially with it being in the context of a museum exhibit. Although coming up with a perfectly authentic sound would be nigh on impossible, given the time constraints and that I don’t live anywhere near the western desert, and that the Cameleers of Australia’s pioneer days are now gone, I ended up creating what I would almost term a ‘hyper-real’ sound environment. I restricted myself to the sounds I knew would be in the environment specified in the brief (campsite in the desert), and excluded anything I couldn’t be certain of, and using the palette left to me I created a kind of caricature of that place. Caricature might not be exactly the right word, it seems disrespectful in the context, but I can’t think of anything more apt at the moment.

Make the time to go and have a look at the exhibition, the stories and the artifacts are fascinating.

Admission to the museum is $8 for adults and free for children and concession holders.

Very special thanks to Ben Landau (Exhibition Designer) for inviting me to do something a little outside my norm.