Dance, Past Projects

This was the most recent in a long succession of projects I’ve worked on with choreographer Caley O’Neill. The show was commissioned by St Michael’s Grammar School, a selection of whose students formed the dance ensemble, and staged at Gasworks theatre in September 2010. The underlying narrative of the piece is an interpretation of the story the Island of Dr Moreau (or Frankenstein, or the Golem etc. take your pick) set in a lab in which hybrid animal/people are brought to life and eventually revolt against their creators. The aesthetic of the show borrowed from early horror films of the 1930s mashed up with modern fashion and entomological illustrations, and the sound tries to draw together similar threads. The music composed is a series of intense but pared back electronic works whose underlying materials are sampled from early percussion recordings and sounds produced by insects, treading the territory between straight music and sound design I seem to keep coming back to with my electronic music.


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