Past Projects, Theatre

This was a show made by Samara Hersch and Gabby Rose with an ensemble of performers associated with Access Inc., an association working towards the empowerment of members of Melbourne’s Jewish community living with disabilities, and a group of professional performing artists. The piece is set in a world where things and people that are unneeded or unwanted begin to vanish, and tells the story of an archivist charged with destroying records of the disappeared who begins to be aware of what underlies this mysterious phenomenon. The narrative is described almost exclusively through movement and music.
The musical approach used a very small ensemble (2 performers to be exact) playing a range of instruments live, responding to and interacting with the show on stage, using a style reminiscent of early musical comedy with moments of French tinged jazz and persistent minimalism.
It was staged at Dancehouse, North Carlton as part of the 2010 Melbourne Fringe.


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